Welcome to Maiden Lane, we're stoked you're here! 
Pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass whilst we introduce ourselves. 
As a couple of friends who appreciate their nearest and dearest (particularly as we get older and the years start coming and they don't stop coming), we wanted a simple way to keep in touch, to say "I'm thinking of you", to celebrate and commiserate. 
No matter what stage of life you're in, your friends will be there, usually with a glass of wine in hand! Maiden Lane is the perfect way to keep in touch with those old friends, to appreciate the new ones and to treat yourself when you need that little pep up in your week. 
Our wines are produced in the Hunter Valley, NSW. They are organic and vegan friendly (the good stuff you can send to your mother in law or your new boss). Wine that will arrive to your doorstep, adorably wrapped, ready to cheer you up on the bad days and make those good days even better! 
So go ahead, treat yourself or the girls that always have your back to a little Maiden Lane love! 


Love El & Claire

Maiden Lane co-founders (& BFF's since MySpace was a thing)